Kiwanis Club

La Cañada Kiwanis Club members sold peanuts at Ralphs to raise money for the Kiwanis Eliminate Project. The goal of the project, run in collaboration with UNICEF, is to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. From left are Kiwanians Thomas A. Passanisi, Gigi Schlueter, Peggy Touchstone and Stewart Lee, Key Club members Christine Noh and Colin Suehiro and Kiwanis Key Club advisor Ken Lowe. (Courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of La Cañada / February 10, 2013)

Robert Haw, a JPL systems engineer who has worked on exploration missions spanning the solar system from Mercury to Pluto, was the featured speaker at the Feb. 6 meeting of Kiwanis Club of La Cañada.

Using slides to illustrate his talk, Haw, the founder of the Climate Change Symposium at JPL, gave an overview of environmental changes over the past century and the role that man's use of coal has played in those changes.

In other news, members of the club and the Key Club it sponsors at La Cañada High gathered Sunday in front of Ralphs market to sell peanuts in support of the Eliminate Project, a Kiwanis International program run in collaboration with UNICEF to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

The club meets at 11:50 a.m. on Wednesdays for lunch in Van de Kamp Hall at Descanso Gardens. Members of the public are invited to attend as guests. Lunch is $15.

To learn more, visit or call (818) 790-9901.