Letter: Owners like to let their dogs off leash

In response to last Thursday’s article, “Patrol puts dog owners on notice,” I would like to share my experience at the Cross Town Trail.

Letter: Article on city's leash law was slanted

What reads like a Pasadena Humane Society public relations release masquerading as news in the Valley Sun on Oct. 16 was journalism at its most unfair and unbalanced.

Letter: Law's enforcement is harassment

Having been a resident of La Cañada-Flintridge for over 25 years and a dog owner (and walker) for just as long, I read the Sun’s recent article regarding enforcement of our city’s leash law and was disappointed with your uneven treatment of the issue. The reporter spoke with the...

Letter: Todd Royal will appear at the YMCA

On Thursday, Oct. 23, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA there will be a town hall meeting with Todd Royal. He is running for Assembly District 43. Hear first-hand his focus on creating jobs, fixing the economy and improving education.

Letter: An unvested plug for a great night out

The best-kept secret in town is the live music at Anthony's restaurant Saturday nights in La Cañada at 714 Foothill Blvd,, the only live music in town. I have zero to do with the restaurant. I am just a huge music fan who wants it to continue there.

Letter: Yes on Marshall Tuck

During our latest economic crisis in California, two things kept our local schools from financial disaster: you — the community — and the school district's prudent “rainy day” fund. Now Sacramento wants to place a limit on how much savings local school districts can...

Letter: Royal would work to shrink government

The race for Assembly District 43 showcases two disparate views of freedom. Republican Todd Royal believes in maximum personal freedom and minimal government control. His adversary, Mike Gatto, is a “tax and spend” Democrat who will sacrifice your freedom, control your life and expand...

Letter: Nonpartisan help is out there for voters

In the Nov. 4 General Election voters will be asked to vote on six statewide propositions. The League of Women Voters is a recognized leader in voter education, and we have many nonpartisan resources to help you understand the statewide propositions and the election process.

Letter: Appointment to board is suspicious

Congratulations are in order for Sandy Russell as she takes on a most coveted position on the Glendale Board of Education. She has served our schools well for many years and I thank her for her service.

Letter: Decades-old drought fix still works

Regarding saving water during a drought: Forty-plus years ago during another dry year — we had two little boys in diapers and the washer was going nonstop — my husband put a pipe underground from the garage and washer about 35 feet for that water to drain. It’s still going strong....

Letter: Cottonwood Canyon deserves protection

I am writing to thank the La Cañada Valley Sun for publishing the eye-opening article highlighting efforts of the Arroyo and Foothills Conservancy to save Cottonwood Canyon as...

Letter: Green medians show a lack of concern

Some information for people that missed the July 15 L.A. Times interview with Lucy Jones: All our imported water lines could be severed in a major quake. The region has only a couple months’ supply of groundwater. The imported water lines will take up to 18 months to repair.

Letter: Ralphs made waiting for AAA no sweat

On Sept. 16, after shopping at the Ralphs grocery store on Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada, I discovered that my car battery was dead. I also found that my cellphone was out of order. I returned to Ralphs and asked if I might use their phone to summon AAA.

Letter: Parking is closed to farmers market

The La Cañada Farmers’ Market is moving to Memorial Park on the north side of Foothill Boulevard.

Letter: Foundation's work helps Fijians see

I recently returned from one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was invited to join the Beeve Foundation for World Eye and Health, Inc. This is the 23rd year of the foundation’s missions to Fiji. Comprised of team members from the Los Angeles area, Fiji and Australia, we performed...

Letter: Ready to help video store relocate

Thank you so very much for your sensitive reporting on the abrupt closing of one of La Cañada's business/artistic services, La Cañ...

Letter: Lawsuits may have concerned owner

Re: “Customers help rewrite video store’s ending,” Piece of Mind column, Sept. 11. As longtime residents of La Cañada,...

Letter: A short shower and a second option

Here are two ways our family does to reduce our water use.

Letter: 'Instant hot' is a water saver, too

In reply to saving water, this is just about the best thing we ever did: We had our plumber install an “instant hot” on our water heater. It saves tons of water and saves on our bill.

Letter: Pump keeps her shower glove-free

I was amused by the letter posted in the Forum section re: “water saving tips.” My water heater is at the opposite end of the house from two bathrooms with shower...

Letter: More ways to save water and energy

Having read last week's suggestion that we all send in tips to help everyone change our water habits, here is what we do:

Letter: Family has ties to LCF video store

We want to extend our thanks to Carol Cormaci for her tremendous article about La Cañada Video (“Video store's sad ending is full...

Letter: Eviction notice lacked class

Mr. Cabraloff's posting an eviction notice on the front door of Hamlet Shahbazian's video store for everyone to see was a low-class act. Surely he doesn't live in La Cañada, does he? That would be sad for our community.

Letter: Shelve the videos with the books?

Thank you for your article about La Cañada Video. I love that place. I wonder if there is any possible synergy with Flintridge Bookstore?...

Letter: A shock to the LCF's community spirit

Last week's editorial about the sad demise of La Cañada Video touched my heart. As a resident since 1949, before cityhood, the 210, La Ca&...

Letter: The culprit to video store's closure

One of the unique qualities of Hamlet Shahbazian isn't just his vast knowledge of movies, but his genuine kindness and natural ability to make you feel like you're a friend who just so happens to be renting a movie. After reading the article about the disrespectful eviction from his wonderful shop,...

Letter: There must be ways to keep store open

I was stunned to hear about our town's video store. This is disgraceful, and I think the strip mall owner is the problem here. He should be punished for pushing this neighborhood video store out of business. When my late husband lay dying, the offerings of this store were a big comfort to him in his...

Guest Column: A reflection on cycling in Europe

Guest Column: A reflection on cycling in Europe

Whether it should be considered an epic or simply an experience, I do know that it was the adventure of a lifetime. After having time to reflect on the two months of Belgian and European road racing, which I embarked on from the end of June to the beginning of August, I have found myself...

Letter: One easy way to conserve water

Since we're in a drought that's only going to get worse here in La Cañada Flintridge, and we'd be wise to change our water habits sooner rather than later, I think you would serve the community if you ran a small feature every once in a while on tips and hacks to save (and extend) water....

Letter: A single hauler could work just fine

Chuck Gelhaar's letter to the La Cañada Valley Sun about trash pickup generated a conversation between a couple of old businessmen who remember when cost was king in...

Letter: Tasting festival is returning Sept. 28

The 12th annual La Cañada Flintridge Wine and Gourmet Food tasting is almost here. On Sunday, Sept. 28 at the La Cañada Flintridge Memorial Park beginning at 3 p.m. the tastings begin.

Letter: More than one waste hauler for LCF?

On Monday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. in City Hall, the City Council has an agenda item regarding the survey that will be taken about our solid-waste service.

Letter: '10-20-30' brought back memories

Re: The “Sixty Years Ago” entry in the Aug. 21 “10-20-30 Years Ago” history feature.

Letter: Future depends on a healthy ecosystem

We care deeply about our children. We support our public schools, sports teams and after-school programs, but overlook the most basic requirement for our children's welfare: healthy, functioning ecosystems.

Letter: Some reasons to repeal Obamacare

Obamacare's purpose was to expand healthcare to those who did not have it. The process included Democratic advocacy groups signing people up for coverage. It affected businesses that could not afford the insurance. People had their policies canceled. We still do not know how many people have...

Letter: Cost of high-speed rail is far too high

Big numbers are hard to comprehend, and Gov. Jerry Brown's $68 billion for a train boggles the mind. There are better ways to use the money. Here's an example: Instead of a train between L.A. and San Francisco, we could invest $68 billion in 30-year government bonds, today yielding an average of 3....

Letter: Pay little mind to FSHA detractors

I have lived in La Cañada for 43 years and have witnessed many changes in La Cañada, including the reluctant application of cityhood, which has brought on many non-common-sense rules to the community, but that is for another letter.

Letter: City needs to start saving water

Re: “Council considers task force on drought issues.” Aug. 7.

Guest Column: Rain draws a torrent of reflection

Guest Column: Rain draws a torrent of reflection

Aug. 3 — today, I heard a sound that I have not heard in months and didn't expect to hear for several more: rain. But not just rain — rain falling on a million leaves.

Letter: Judge's ruling isn't that complicated

Re: “Judge hands off Ferraro case,” July 31. I think a further explanation of the judge’s action in your article is needed. Judge Samantha Jessner’s action in...

Letter: City's moves show signs of disparity

I read the July 31 op-ed in your paper about the La Cañada city government proposing to allow electronic signs (“Sign rules should stay on message”), and then...

Op-Ed: Sign rules should stay on message

On Aug. 4, our City Council will consider allowing “electronic message centers” in La Cañada Flintridge. We think meddling with the city's long-standing ban on these signs will diminish the character of our community and create unnecessary risks for the people who live and work...

Letter: Drought not Edison's fault

Re: “Frustrations with power outages,” Mailbag, July 17. I will take full responsibility for at least two of them. On Sunday morning, July 13, we...

Op-Ed: Community involvement is key to FSHA success

Op-Ed: Community involvement is key to FSHA success

Last month, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (FSHA), families and friends joyously congratulated another group of young women who will walk confidently into the next chapter of their...

Letter: Homeowners have right to defend themselves

Re: “More guns won’t stop the violence

Letter: Reader expresses frustration with power outages

This past weekend we experienced four power outages in our neighborhood. On Saturday, July 12, I spoke with Southern California Edison and the representative estimated the outage to 342 homes in the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club area would last from approximately 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. On...

Letter: New standards, test have common link

Common Core national standards, as dictated by the federal government and adopted by states, have been implemented in California. The control of academic content, standards and testing through our state and local policy makers have been relinquished. There has also been a change in the Scholastic...

Letter: Our trees need stronger protection

It is extremely important that, as a community, we citizens get involved with something as important as protecting our trees. We are moving in that direction, but much to the delight of the City Council, we’re not moving fast enough.

Letter: Some answers to the rise in crime

I am a Boy Scout and a resident of La Cañada. I am concerned about the rise in crime in our city. I feel we need to take more precautions against crime.

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