Letter: Disproving claims of climate change

Last Saturday the L.A. Times headline read, “Heat hits new high,” an article accompanied by a map of the world glowing red hot. Scary stuff? True? Not so much. This is pretty much the standard “crisis” effort intended to get the public behind “saving the earth.”

Letter: Online system left them out of sorts

Re: “Victims can log on to a system of SORTS,” Valley Sun, Jan. 1. My son’s bike worth about $400 was stolen on Dec. 31. It...

Letter: Cap the freeways, reap the benefits

In December the L.A. Times had a column “Capping freeways for open space” about how “Planners around the Southland tout building parks atop interstates.”

Letter: Changes in town mean changes in life

My family moved to La Cañada in 1943. At that time there were many horses, one public elementary school, one small grocery store, grape vineyards, open spaces and a small population. Now we have fewer horses, many more schools, lots of grocery stores, no vineyards, almost no open space and...

Letter: It's past time to eradicate RINOs

The Republican landslide election of November 2014 brought great hope to many Republicans. It increased Republican numbers in the House of Representatives, gave control of the Senate to Republicans and increased the number of Republicans in state legislatures across America.

Guest Column: Surviving the frustration of the plumbing season

For everything, they say, there is a season. A time to weep and a time to laugh, etc. The season your household doesn’t want to experience, however, is to have a blocked drain between Christmas and New Year. As you can tell, I speak in the season for bitterness. It started with a phone call to...

Letter: A delayed but heartfelt thank you

This past year our family planned our first wedding, celebrated first and new jobs, and experienced the loss of a father, friend, community volunteer and my husband Andy. Many have said to me, “I don’t know how you all are handling all this.” I can only look to another life-...

Letter: Zina's issue goes beyond landlord and tenant

I spoke before the La Cañada Flintridge City Council on Dec. 15 about property owner Arun Jain and his attempts at terminating a multiyear lease established prior to his August 2014 property acquisition and the eviction of tenant Zina’s Healthy Corner.

Letter: Encounter with an aggressive dog

My friend and I were out walking our dogs this morning, enjoying the cool, wet weather. We were on Alta Canyada when a large, aggressive brown boxer attacked our dogs. He first went for my friend's English Retriever, Blondie, but then turned on my 25-pound goldendoodle, Doodly Do-right. We were...

Letter: Comparing GUSD to the Russian leader

The ongoing debate between the Glendale Unified School District and the La Cañada Unified School District brings to mind the struggle the world is experiencing with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, who is hell-bent on achieving power at the expense of logic and peace. It is...

Letter: A question for LCUSD from GUSD

GUSD to LCUSD: The state gives money to school districts to educate students. You get to educate students from the Sagebrush area. We get to keep half the money. What’s wrong with that?

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

Letter: L.A. River bikeway is an unknown asset

One of the best kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley is the L.A. River Bike Path that begins on the Griffith Park side of the Victory Boulevard freeway overpass and goes east nearly 10 miles to the I-5 overpass near Figueroa Street. The path is well paved, lit at night, and mostly flat to ride...

News-Press Cartoon: Sagebrush

News-Press Cartoon: Sagebrush

Cartoonist Bert Ring offers his take on the ongoing saga between the Glendale and La Cañada unified school districts over a potential transfer of the Sagebrush...

Letter: Who is leaving bags of dog waste?

Letter: Who is leaving bags of dog waste?

As an avid dog walker who picks up after her dog and throws it in the trash can, I daily see multiple poop bags on the curb or gutter. I took a photo of one on Descanso Drive this morning. That bag is about to be washed down to the ocean. Why do some dog walkers think their job is done when they...

Letter: Hunting column took some pot shots

Re: “Within city limits hunting is a no-no,” Anita Brenner’s Around Town column, Nov. 13. The first paragraph in Brenner’s column...

Op-Ed: Keeping our kids safe from predators

Families all over America rely on after-school programs, summer camps and other youth-serving institutions to get their children involved in activities that enrich their lives and help them grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Sadly, these programs can also be a vulnerable target for child...

Letter: Glendale Unified is an 800-pound bully

It should not surprise anyone that the Glendale Unified School District Board wants about $23 million to release the Sagebrush area to the La Cañada Unified School...

Letter: Welcome students but not indebtedness

I understand that residents of the Sagebrush area would like to join the La Cañada Unified School District. We have worked hard to maintain our excellent schools, a difficult task when resources are so limited. It has been a financial struggle. Any deal that uses LCUSD funds or property to...

Letter: Project's speed and scale are electrifying

Like many others I’ve been watching, fascinated, as helicopters, hovering motionless, lower huge metal structures onto the electricity towers being built on our neighboring hills. Today on a hike I decided to take a closer look, which involved scrambling a few feet off the Mt. Lukens fire...

Letter: An opportunity to restrict Washington

With the exception of a few liberal strongholds like California, last week’s election showed that America’s drunken binge of give-me-more-freebies has ended. Why? Most Americans realize that healthcare isn’t free if their neighbors pay for it, that piling massive debt on their...

Letter: Devil's Gate meeting slated Nov. 12

Re: “LCF gets the dirt on Devil’s Gate,” Oct. 23: The L.A. County Flood Control people have issued a final summary of their proposed project. I doubt...

Letter: Leash ordinance exists for a reason

Re: “Patrol puts dog owners on notice,” Oct. 16 and subsequent letters to the editor saying unleashed dogs should be allowed.

Letter: Hoping for the return of a lost camera

On Oct. 28, I am almost certain I did something very foolish. I left my camera in a red cloth bag on top of pump No. 5 at the Chevron station next to the post office on Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada.

Letter: Riding club hosted a successful mixer

The Flintridge Riding Club was delighted to host the LCF Chamber of Commerce Mixer last month. It was our pleasure to see so many members of the community enjoying our lovely patio set in the foothills of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains.

Letter: Transfer is not about property values

Re: “Stop the Presses: This looks like a case of Sagebrush burning,” Dan Evans, Nov. 1. I am disappointed in this column, another instance of stereotyping La Ca&...

Letter: It was right to leave new member out

Re: “Move to stem potential suit may backfire,” News-Press editorial, Oct. 25. I have to take exception with the editorial regarding Ms....

Op-Ed: Dousing some burning Sagebrush questions

In response to the column that ran Nov. 1, “Start the Presses: A case of Sagebrush Burning” by Dan Evans, please consider the following:

Letter: A call for civic project suggestions

The Kiwanis Club of La Cañada is pleased to announce a new initiative, intended to identify and implement community service projects that will contribute to the health and well-being of the residents of La Cañada Flintridge, especially the community’s youth and their families....

Letter: The Kiwanis ride went a long way

Many thanks for your advance coverage of the Kiwanis Dream Catchers' Filipponi Ranch Cellars Ride a few weeks ago. Here’s a follow-up: There were 19...

Letter: There's a plan ready for Devil's Gate

Re: “LCF gets the dirt on Devil’s Gate,” Oct. 23. The original 2011 plan called for removal of 1.67 million cubic yards. The draft environmental impact...

Letter: Efforts to enforce law are extreme

Re: “Patrol puts dog owners on notice,” Oct. 16. I am writing in response to the article about the Pasadena Humane Society's (PHS) activities in La Cañada. As a...

Letter: Leash story pulled to one side

I am shocked and appalled by the article “Patrol puts dog owners on notice” that appeared in the Valley Sun, Oct. 16. I cannot believe how one-sided this story was. It...

Letter: Rule's reason seems to have no bite

In trying for perfection for everyone, we often make situations worse. When I first joined the Flintridge La Cañada Guild for the Huntington Memorial Hospital, whose fundraiser is the annual Flintridge Horse Show, horse show dogs ran free. We did not experience fights nor bites. Same rules...

Letter: Many dog owners oppose leash laws

In response to Sara Cardine's article, “Patrol puts dog owners on notice." Not all canine-friendly residents are happy about stepped-up enforcement of leash laws.” I...

Letter: Statement on potential territory transfer

Although the La Cañada Unified School District continues to strongly support the transfer of the Sagebrush territory into the district’s boundaries, it has determined that a negotiated agreement between the two school districts, in light of the currently anticipated proposal by the...

Letter: Residents need more info on Sagebrush

I am a taxpayer in the Glendale Unified School District and I am concerned with the speed that GUSD Board of Education is pursuing the vote regarding a transfer...

Letter: Owners like to let their dogs off leash

In response to last Thursday’s article, “Patrol puts dog owners on notice,” I would like to share my experience at the Cross Town Trail.

Letter: Article on city's leash law was slanted

What reads like a Pasadena Humane Society public relations release masquerading as news in the Valley Sun on Oct. 16 was journalism at its most unfair and unbalanced.

Letter: Law's enforcement is harassment

Having been a resident of La Cañada-Flintridge for over 25 years and a dog owner (and walker) for just as long, I read the Sun’s recent article regarding enforcement of our city’s leash law and was disappointed with your uneven treatment of the issue. The reporter spoke with the...

Letter: Todd Royal will appear at the YMCA

On Thursday, Oct. 23, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA there will be a town hall meeting with Todd Royal. He is running for Assembly District 43. Hear first-hand his focus on creating jobs, fixing the economy and improving education.

Letter: An unvested plug for a great night out

The best-kept secret in town is the live music at Anthony's restaurant Saturday nights in La Cañada at 714 Foothill Blvd,, the only live music in town. I have zero to do with the restaurant. I am just a huge music fan who wants it to continue there.

Letter: Yes on Marshall Tuck

During our latest economic crisis in California, two things kept our local schools from financial disaster: you — the community — and the school district's prudent “rainy day” fund. Now Sacramento wants to place a limit on how much savings local school districts can...

Letter: Royal would work to shrink government

The race for Assembly District 43 showcases two disparate views of freedom. Republican Todd Royal believes in maximum personal freedom and minimal government control. His adversary, Mike Gatto, is a “tax and spend” Democrat who will sacrifice your freedom, control your life and expand...

Letter: Nonpartisan help is out there for voters

In the Nov. 4 General Election voters will be asked to vote on six statewide propositions. The League of Women Voters is a recognized leader in voter education, and we have many nonpartisan resources to help you understand the statewide propositions and the election process.

Letter: Appointment to board is suspicious

Congratulations are in order for Sandy Russell as she takes on a most coveted position on the Glendale Board of Education. She has served our schools well for many years and I thank her for her service.

Letter: Decades-old drought fix still works

Regarding saving water during a drought: Forty-plus years ago during another dry year — we had two little boys in diapers and the washer was going nonstop — my husband put a pipe underground from the garage and washer about 35 feet for that water to drain. It’s still going strong....

Letter: Cottonwood Canyon deserves protection

I am writing to thank the La Cañada Valley Sun for publishing the eye-opening article highlighting efforts of the Arroyo and Foothills Conservancy to save Cottonwood Canyon as...

Letter: Green medians show a lack of concern

Some information for people that missed the July 15 L.A. Times interview with Lucy Jones: All our imported water lines could be severed in a major quake. The region has only a couple months’ supply of groundwater. The imported water lines will take up to 18 months to repair.

Letter: Ralphs made waiting for AAA no sweat

On Sept. 16, after shopping at the Ralphs grocery store on Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada, I discovered that my car battery was dead. I also found that my cellphone was out of order. I returned to Ralphs and asked if I might use their phone to summon AAA.

Letter: Parking is closed to farmers market

The La Cañada Farmers’ Market is moving to Memorial Park on the north side of Foothill Boulevard.

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