There has been a major development in a story that the NewFixer reported on last month. Pet supply retailer Petco is pulling a toy off its shelves that potentially harmed a Houston pooch.

Remember Charlet? She is one tough pooch.

We first met Charlet and her owner Mark Smith right after Christmas when Charlet’s Christmas treat nearly turned tragic.

Mark says a dog toy he bought from Petco nearly cost Charlet her life.

Mark contacted Petco, but ran into a brick wall. So he contacted the NewsFixer. When we contacted Petco they agreed to pay for Charlet’s trips to the vet, but Mark wasn't through yet.

He wanted to know for sure what made his beloved dog so sick so he sent the toy to a lab to be tested.

One of the chemicals the lab found was naphthalene. That’s the main ingredient in moth balls. The lab also noted 'the presence of arsenic, cadmium and lead.'

Another one of the lab’s major findings was trimethyl benzene. That’s a chemical commonly used as a gasoline additive...really?

When Mark got the lab report he wanted Petco to make sure no other pets got tainted toys.

Petco contacted NewsFix to report that the company will pull Petco brand toys like the one that made Charlet sick, from all stores nationwide. That's more 1,000 outlets across the country. The toys will be held in quarantine until they can be randomly tested to ensure they are safe.

The good news is that Charlet is doing better and now she’s back to feeling like Mark's best friend.

Canines across the country might thank Charlet, too!